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Further Investigation of

the  Inveryne Stone

 On Tuesday 26 October 2021  I met with Dr  Aaron Watson from Kilmartin Museum in the Lamont Gallery.  He had come to perform the first part of the process of creating a digital image of the Inveryne Stone in the hope that it may shed further light on the origin of the carving.

The process is called photogrammetry and involves taking hundreds of still photographs of the surface of the Stone to provide the data for a computer generated digital model which will be available online.  To do this the glass screen had to be removed so that the camera could get close to the surface of the Stone.


Dr Aaron Watson

W Sinclair Sutherland

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Kilfinan Church and

Heritage Centre


Now that the covid restrictions have been made voluntary we are able to keep the Church and the Heritage Centre open 24 hours a day 365 days a year


You can find out more about the Kilfinan Church Heritage centre by visiting the Lamont Vault page on this site.  The necessary  closure of the centre to visitors could of course have resulted in a considerable loss of income but the continued generosity of our many friends at home and abroad has allowed funds to grow by£2098 to £8614.

Please  visit the West CowalWeb Site where Rev David Mitchell has been posting weekly reflections presented from the Sister Churches in turn

We look forward to seeing you soon and would welcome feedback by following the instructions on our Contact Us page.

 Kilfinan Church For more pictures go to The Lamont Vault page.

Outside of finished Project

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  Friends of Kilfinan Parish Church

Secretary: Margaret Sutherland, Drum Cottage, Kilfinan, Argyll, PA21 2ER

 Telephone: 01700 821207   E-mail:

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War Grave

 One of the graves in the Churchyard is a designated War Grave from WW 1

It is that of Alexander Weir (Plot 135) who was an Able Seaman with the Mercantile Marine Reserve who died on 19 October 1915 in the service of his country.

Kilfinan Parish Church


Services are held every Sunday at 12.15pm


All are welcome to join us.

Minister:  Rev David Mitchell, West Cowal Manse, Kames, Tighnabruaich, Argyll, PA21 2AD

Telephone:  01700 811045


Service of Remembrance

The Annual Service of Remembrance will be held at 12.15 pm  on the Sunday closest to 11th  November .

After the service there will be a laying of  wreaths at the War Memorial.


Christmas and Easter Services

As is our custom two special services will take place at Kilfinan over the Christmas period. The first of these will be the Christingle service on the Sunday before Christmas  at 3.00 pm. This is specially suitable for children. The other service is on Christmas Day  at 11.00 am.  

Each year we also host two special services during Holy Week.  The first of these is on Maunday  Thursday and the second on Easter Sunday.  

These services are always well attended.

Changes are Coming

I need to begin with an apology.  A number of illnesses have meant that I have not been updating this site as often as I should.  I am currently undergoing chemotherapy following cancer And also have COPD caused by smoking in the past.  I am actually on oxygen while typing this.  Living so far from hospitals while having frequent visits has left  little time.  Things have settled down allowing me to do this update and hopefully further more frequent updates.

As the headline suggests  there are indeed changes  to the structure of The Church of Scotland (C of S ) which will  have  a direct impact on Kilfinan.  A shortage of ministers means that in future  a minister will have to take charge of a greater number of linked congregations  and some smaller churches will become redundant and will be sold.  Kilfinan Parish Church has managed to avoid this fate  but could be threatened in future cuts.

To protect our Church the Friends of  Kilfinan Parish Church are proposing to purchase the building from the Church of Scotland.  This would mean that the Congregation remains part of the C of S but the building will be  the property of the Association and remain in local control. There will be regular services as usual taken by the minister or a  local  church member with the sermon provided by the minister in a recorded video.

As a consequence of ownership  The Friends of Kilfinan Parish Church will be responsible for the maintenance of the Church building, the Vault and the Stones held there and  as a direct consequence will need to have a regular income.